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IDD Therapy Sciatica Patient - Sarah Gower

Every day was a battle with agonising sciatica... but I'm pain-free and enjoying life again after IDD Therapy

Sarah Gower from Marden had suffered with back pain ‘niggles’ for a few years, but last summer she was suddenly struck with unbearable sciatica in her leg which stopped her in her tracks.

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The IDD treatment and Laura have done an amazing job on my back...

...and am completely pain free now and back riding nearly every day. I really can’t thank you and Laura enough.

Ms B., Kent

IDD Therapy Sciatica Patient

My life came to a standstill with agonising back pain... but now I’m back to health after IDD Therapy

Property Investor, Jane Kent had never had a back problem before, but last year her life was suddenly put on hold by debilitating pain and immobility.

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IDD Therapy Sciatica Patient

Back pain and sciatica ruled my life for 16 years... but now I'm running again thanks to IDD Therapy

Sue James is a retired tailor and keen track-and-field athlete, but not long ago, excruciating back pain and sciatica threatened to put an end to her beloved sports forever.

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I signed up with James, for a course of IDD treatment.

Initially, I was very sceptical, as I had been told that an operation was my only choice, or live with it! Bulging discs and spinal stenosis caused me pain when standing or walking. Now things are significantly improved. I am able to stand for far longer periods and walk much further, without pain. Brilliant! So thank you James, not only for reducing the severity of my symptoms, but also for being so caring and reassuring throughout my treatment. I can not recommend you highly enough.

Mrs S., Kent

I wanted to give you some feed back about the IDD treatment I started in January. My back is much better.

I remember you saying after the treatment, the best is yet to come, and you were right. Obviously I have to be careful but I no longer get disturbed nights. I can sit for long lengths of time without thinking about my back, and I am slowly doing more yoga. The daily incessant burning has gone. Thank you for your encouragement and help during the treatment.

Mrs B., East Sussex

I was lucky enough to come to James’s centre early on in my problem, with chronic sciatica down my right leg.

He recommended an MRI scan which was arranged within days to confirm his suspicion of a herniated disc. I started a course of twenty IDD Therapy treatments the following week, and the results have been amazing in such a short time. My mobility is virtually back to normal and I'm free of pain. I can’t thank James and his team enough for their gentle guidance and support.

Mrs G., Kent

I'm pleased to be able to say you can add me to the list of those patients who have benefited from IDD Therapy at Wealden Osteopaths & spine Centre.

The most positive outcome has been that my general back pain has reduced by approximately 50-75%. We have enjoyed a hiking holiday in Austria, and I’m training well at the athletics club, and looking forward to a resumption of my normal competition programme. I’m taking things steadily but feeling much more positive about the future. Many thanks for all your help and support.

Sue J., Kent

One is made to feel welcome at this practice, and confident in the knowledge that one is in safe, professional hands.

The treatment is both gentle and effective for back problems. With regular treatment, it has given me greater and much improved mobility in my joints, and both relieved and reduced my pain. It is with relief that one can come to such a practice, and I strongly recommend it to other people.

Mrs C., East Sussex

IDD Therapy Sciatica Patient

Non-invasive treatment solves Paul’s back pain agony...

Paul Bowman has always lived an active life. A regular in his local gym, he runs his own construction business, and loves the physical side of the job. "Occasional aches and pains go with the territory," Paul explains, "but gradually as I got older, low back pain started to become a real problem, and about three years ago I was referred for an MRI scan on my back."

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I am very happy with the results.

It has made such a difference in my day-to-day life. Thank you James.

Mrs O., Kent

I have seen quite a few osteopaths over the last few years, and although they have helped, I feel none of them have made such a difference as James has.

Mr D., East Sussex

IDD Therapy Sciatica Patient

Playing golf was no fun with agonising sciatica...

Keen golfer Bill Langan struggled with back pain and sciatica for six years, all the while refusing to give up his beloved sport. But eventually the pain and immobility began to affect his enjoyment of the game and he worried that soon he may not be able to play at all.

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Thank you for seeing P. yesterday.

It was a lifesaver – he really was in agony, and as usual you used your magic, and he was pain-free by the afternoon.

Mrs R., Kent

IDD Therapy Sciatica Patient

My sciatica was so bad I thought I'd be housebound forever...

Three years ago, Julie Phillips cycled 500 miles across the Rift Valley in Kenya. At that time, her back pain and sciatica was just about manageable. But as the months rolled on, the pain worsened and she found it more and more difficult to stay mobile and carry on with her usual activities.

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I originally called Wealden Osteopaths due to an unrelenting pain in the small of my back.

They had come highly recommended by a colleague. The Goudhurst practice is modern and bright, and I was made to feel instantly at home. At first, I was apprehensive, wrongly thinking that the treatment would hurt! Nothing of the sort – the initial assessment was very thorough, the treatment was gentle, and I immediately felt much better, being able to sit down without wincing for the first time in months. I now attend for three-monthly check-ups and remedial work. I also feel very reassured that I can call at any time in between, and be seen quickly if I have a flare-up. I would always recommend Wealden Osteopaths to anyone suffering with aches and pains. There is no need to!

Mrs R., Kent

I had a bad skiing accident in 2002, and although I have made a good recovery, I still need regular maintenance on my shoulder.

James's affable nature and caring attitude towards wellness shine though. He provides such an excellent service in beautiful surroundings. After seeing James, I feel totally rejuvenated and have ultimate movement once again. One forgets how knotted and stiff one becomes – if you are also knotted and stiff, James is your man! I would recommend James to anyone. If you want to speak to me personally about the fantastic service he provides, James can put you in touch with me directly.

Mr M., Kent

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