Neck Pain

Neck Pain

If your neck is painful or just doesn’t feel right, here’s how we can help...

If you’re suffering from neck pain, headaches or associated nerve pain in your shoulders, arms and hands, you’re not alone.

We treat lots of sufferers in clinic every week, those with short-term niggles to more complex issues. We understand how neck pain can take over your life and how it can affect you emotionally as well as restricting you physically.

A woman with neck pain

You may have tried other manual treatments - or even spinal injections - without success. Happily, you’ve come to the right place now: as a specialist disc clinic, our experienced team will do their best to get you moving again, free from painkillers and back to your usual routine.

Some of our patients suffer ‘acute’ symptoms – pain, stiffness or an obstruction in movement which has appeared recently. Other patients come to see us with ‘chronic’ (long-term) conditions; very commonly, herniated, prolapsed or ‘slipped’ discs.

Whatever your condition, our aim is to:

  • Listen to you and allay your fears and concerns
  • Find and treat the root cause of your problem so that symptoms don’t return
  • Reduce your pain, improve your mobility and free you from painkillers
  • Encourage and support you at every step of your treatment programme

How is neck pain affecting you?

The pain and immobility from a neck condition can be debilitating. You may find that it prevents you from going about your usual routine. In addition to tense, sore or hard neck muscles, your condition may be:

  • Interrupting your sleep
  • Hampering your head and neck movement
  • Causing frequent headaches/migraines
  • Causing nerve pain in your shoulders, shoulder blades and arms
  • Causing tingling/numbness in the hands
  • Causing face/jaw pain
  • Affecting you emotionally; lowering your mood or causing anxiety and/or depression

What’s causing your neck pain?

Neck pain for texting

Apart from whiplash or sports injuries, a stiff or painful neck can appear for no obvious reason - such as sitting in a draught or twisting awkwardly. However, many neck pain issues are caused by our own bad habits - which can be managed in the long term with small lifestyle changes.

Neck pain is often triggered by everyday activities such as:

  • Texting, checking social media on mobile phones
  • Lifting incorrectly (including gym weights)
  • Slouching on the sofa
  • Incorrect sleeping position
  • Poor posture at workstations
  • Cradling your phone between your ear and neck
  • Pushing your head too far forward whilst driving

Let us help you with our gentle, non-invasive techniques

Neck pain

When you come to see us, we’ll listen to you, find the root cause of your pain and explain in simple terms how we can help.

During your first visit, we’ll take a history of your symptoms, review any MRI scans and carry out a set of physical tests to assess your neck and head joint movement and muscle tension.

We use a variety of non-invasive techniques, including hands-on manipulation and mobilisation, combined with cranial osteopathy to rebalance the spine and cranium. For long-term sufferers who need more than manual therapy, we offer the latest technology in spinal mobilisation: IDD Therapy disc treatment.

Neck pain therapy

How can IDD Therapy help?

IDD Therapy uses safe and gentle pulling forces to draw apart specific spinal segments where the cervical discs are damaged, removing pressure and irritation from any trapped nerves.

IDD Therapy candidates will typically suffer from herniated, prolapsed or ‘slipped’ discs and associated nerve pain, numbness or tingling in the shoulders, arms and hands.

Patients have a series of regular IDD treatments which progressively improves their pain and mobility and importantly, it helps many to avoid invasive procedures – surgery in some cases.

If neck pain is having a negative impact on your life, don’t suffer any longer.
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