Back Pain

Back Pain

If your back is painful or just doesn’t feel right, here’s how we can help...

A woman with back pain

If you’re suffering from back pain or associated nerve pain in your legs (sciatica), you’re not alone.

We know how back pain can consume your life and stop you doing simple everyday tasks and enjoying time with family and friends. It can be emotionally draining if it persists for weeks, months or even years.

You may be taking painkillers regularly and you may have tried other treatments without success – including spinal injections. The good news is: you’ve finally found us...and we’ll do our very best to help you.

As a specialist disc clinic, we see more back pain patients and more conditions than you could ever imagine. We treat sufferers in clinic every day and happily we get them moving again, free from painkillers and back to their usual routine.

Some patients suffer ‘acute’ symptoms – pain and/or an obstruction in movement which has appeared recently. Other patients come to see us with ‘chronic’ (long-term) conditions; very commonly, herniated, prolapsed or ‘slipped’ discs.

Back pain from a disc condition often comes with associated nerve pain in the legs (sciatica) where damaged discs are compressing or irritating the sciatic nerve.

Whatever your back condition, our aim is to:

  • Listen to you and allay your fears and concerns
  • Find and treat the root cause of your problem so that symptoms don’t return
  • Reduce your pain, improve your mobility and free you from painkillers
  • Encourage and support you at every step of your treatment programme

How is back pain affecting you?

A golfer with back pain

The pain and immobility from a back condition can be debilitating, however serious the problem. You may find it prevents you from going about your usual routine. It may be:

  • Interrupting your sleep
  • Hampering your movement e.g. slowing down your walking
  • Making driving painful or impossible
  • Preventing you from working or enjoying sports
  • Making simple daily activities like taking a bath, dressing, doing household chores very difficult
  • Affecting you emotionally; lowering your mood or causing anxiety and/or depression

What’s causing your back pain?

Many back pain issues are caused by our own bad habits which if left unchecked can turn onto more serious issues.

Heavy lifting

Back pain is often triggered by everyday activities such as:

  • Bending or hunching over
  • Lifting incorrectly (including gym weights)
  • Standing or sitting for long periods
  • Sleeping in a poor position
  • Slouching at workstations/on the sofa
  • Driving for long periods without breaks

Other causes include muscle strain, trauma (such as whiplash) and sports injuries. Most back pain is described as non-specific, which means it’s caused by structures in the back rather than by rare conditions like cancer or a fracture.

Let us help you with our gentle, non-invasive techniques

Back pain therapy

When you come to see us, we’ll listen to you, find the root cause of your pain and explain in simple terms how we can help.

During your first visit, we’ll take a history of your symptoms, review any MRI scans and carry out a set of physical tests to find out how your pain affects you.

We treat a range of back conditions from short-term niggles to more complex spinal conditions. We use a variety of non-invasive techniques, including hands-on massage and mobilisation combined with exercise. For long-term sufferers who need more than manual therapy, we offer the latest technology in spinal mobilisation: IDD Therapy disc treatment.

Back pain IDD therapy

How can IDD Therapy help?

IDD Therapy uses gentle pulling forces to draw apart specific spinal segments where discs are damaged, removing pressure and irritation from any trapped nerves.

IDD Therapy candidates will typically suffer from herniated, prolapsed or ‘slipped’ discs and associated nerve pain, e.g. sciatica.

Patients receive a structured programme of regular sessions, progressively relieving pain and improving mobility for the long term. Such is its effectiveness, we’ve helped many patients avoid spinal surgery with IDD Therapy. Patients find the sessions relaxing too!

If back pain is having a negative impact on your life, don’t suffer any longer.
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