Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

If you’re suffering with a sports injury, here’s how we can help

Runner with knee pain

Whether you’re a golfer experiencing the agony of sciatica or Golfer’s Elbow, a runner with knee pain or Achilles Tendonitis, or a weightlifter with neck or shoulder pain, we’re sure your injury is causing you huge frustration as well as pain and immobility.

Aside from a broken bone or torn tendon - which would usually mean a hasty trip to A&E - you might leave a sports injury untreated for a while, perhaps because you feel it will heal by itself with an ice pack or a few days away from your sport.

In reality, the sooner you can get to an osteopath with your injury, the better. Even a minor injury to muscles, tendons, ligaments or skin can quickly develop into a long-term condition if it doesn’t get a correct diagnosis, treatment and continual assessment.

More than that, if it’s left untreated, it could develop to the point where it restricts your movement severely and causes issues in other areas of your body. If you’re taking painkillers or anti-inflammatories regularly, they could be just masking your pain: you need to find and treat the root of the problem.

We treat people with sports injuries in clinic every week and happily, we’re able to get them back to their sport. We’re glad you’ve found us…and we promise to do our very best to help you!

When you come to us with a sports injury, our aim is to:

  • Listen to you and allay your fears and concerns
  • Diagnose and treat your injury so that symptoms don’t return
  • Reduce your pain, improve your mobility and free you from painkillers
  • Encourage and support you at every step of your treatment programme

If you’re suffering with a sports injury, here’s how we can help

Apart from keeping you away from your sport, the pain and immobility from an injury can put your life on hold and prevent you from doing simple, everyday things. Typically, it might be:

  • Interrupting your sleep, causing general fatigue
  • Making driving painful or impossible
  • Preventing you from carrying out simple daily activities e.g. walking, dressing, household chores
  • Putting a stop to your sports or fitness routine
  • Causing pain or alignment imbalances in other areas
  • Affecting you emotionally; lowering your mood or causing anxiety/depression

What’s your injury?

Golfer with back pain

Here in clinic we treat a variety of sports injuries including:

  • Back pain and sciatica (leg pain)
  • Neck pain and associated arm pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow
  • Hip/groin injuries
  • Hamstring/thigh muscle strains
  • Knee pain
  • Running injuries
  • Achilles sprains/tendonitis
  • Foot and ankle injuries

Let us help you with our gentle, non-invasive techniques

Achilles injury

When you come to see us, we’ll listen to you, assess your sports injury and explain in simple terms how we can help.

During your first visit, we’ll take a history of your symptoms, review any MRI scans and carry out a set of physical tests to find out how your injury is affecting you.

We’ll assess your body as a whole, looking at the joint/soft tissue which is giving you pain as well as the surrounding joints. We’ll also look at your spine to see how your body moves as a whole.

We treat sports injuries non-invasively with a combination of hands-on massage, mobilisation, exercise-based rehabilitation and myofascial techniques.

Our aim is to relax muscles and ligaments and limber up joints, removing any inflammation or restriction. We look at the spine too, since this is where the blood and nerve supply to the limbs are controlled.

Remedial massage can be a big help with muscle and ligament injuries; it improves circulation and removes inflammatory toxins whilst introducing nutrients and oxygen via the blood.

Rest assured, we’ll give you the best treatment and advocate the best exercise to ensure your injury heals in the most effective way possible. We’ll also offer you bio-mechanical advice on how you approach your sport in future, to minimise any chance of you suffering a similar injury.

If you’ve suffered a sports injury, let one of our experts help.
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Here’s what our sports injuries patients say about us:

I had a bad skiing accident in 2002, and although I have made a good recovery, I still need regular maintenance on my shoulder.

James's affable nature and caring attitude towards wellness shine though. He provides such an excellent service in beautiful surroundings. After seeing James, I feel totally rejuvenated and have ultimate movement once again. One forgets how knotted and stiff one becomes – if you are also knotted and stiff, James is your man! I would recommend James to anyone. If you want to speak to me personally about the fantastic service he provides, James can put you in touch with me directly.

Mr M., Kent