IDD Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a treatment?

Each IDD treatment lasts for one hour. Sessions begin with 10 minutes of heat therapy to warm the soft tissues and encourage blood flow into the injured area. This is followed by 25 minutes of IDD Therapy on the SPINA machine. Patients are harnessed safely and lie fully-clothed on the treatment bed during treatment. The sessions are comfortable and relaxing; some patients even fall asleep!

When the session on the machine ends, patients are given 10 minutes of cold therapy. This is just to calm the treated area where muscles have been worked in a new way.

How much is treatment?

Each session lasts for one hour and is billed as a one hour osteopathy treatment. A reduced rate is available when booking a series of treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

This is an important question and one which James Pickering will discuss with you. It really does depend on the duration and severity of your condition. For long term problems, most patients will need a structured programme of regular treatments spread over four to six weeks.

Why do I need a course of treatments?

When patients have back pain or neck pain for some time, the spine can become stiff and immobile. The discs in the spine rely on movement for their hydration and nutrition.

Rather like exercising requires more than one session for the body to adapt and become stronger, with IDD Therapy the body has to gently and progressively adapt to treatment. Improving spine function simply cannot be achieved overnight or in just a couple of sessions, hence you need a structured course of regular treatments.

We would all like a simple solution but the reality is, it takes some time to achieve lasting results.

Should I bring an MRI scan to my assessment?

The MRI helps us to confirm the spinal level we wish to treat and also the nature of the disc problem; this will help us achieve the best outcome for you.

If you don't have an MRI, we can discuss this with you and arrange one where appropriate.

Do I need to get undressed during treatment?

No, you remain fully clothed throughout the session. You can wear normal clothes, so long as they are comfortable. Ladies should wear trousers, leggings or a loose fitting tracksuit.

Is IDD Therapy suitable for neck pain?

Yes, The SPINA machines are equipped for cervical treatment and have a special unit for neck pain patients. Treatment is precise, gentle and safe.

Is IDD Therapy painful?

No, the treatment is intended to be comfortable. Whilst considerable pulling forces are used, they are delivered in a way that keeps the body comfortable; much better than the traction machines of old. Many patients go to sleep and say that the treatment is soothing. A by-product of treatment is the release of endorphins, so patients feel good.

Do I need to exercise after treatment?

We will guide you on which exercises are suitable. Initially we don't want you to exercise while your body is getting used to the treatment, but at progressive stages, we will introduce some simple exercises. It is nothing too strenuous... and we guide you through each one and show you how to look after your back and neck in the long-term; we don’t just send you on your way with a sheet of exercises.

Do spinal injections help with chronic pain?

If your condition is severe, your GP may have suggested you visit a spinal consultant for spinal injections at some stage. These are given to help ease inflammation - which is a cause of pain. The relief from an injection can be very temporary; it is not a long-term solution for chronic sufferers but it can provide a pain-free window for patients to begin rehabilitation, i.e. hands-on treatments or IDD Therapy.

I have had surgery, can I still have IDD Therapy?

Patients who have had surgery can opt for IDD Therapy as long as the surgery was carried out six or more months ago and there are no implants in the spine. James will be happy to chat to you about your spinal history at the initial assessment.

How many IDD Therapy treatments have been carried out in the UK?

As at 2019, over 75,000 treatments have been carried out in the UK alone and IDD Therapy is the first choice non-invasive disc treatment in areas where it is available. There are over 1,000 IDD Therapy Disc Clinics internationally, including surgeons, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors.